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Hey there,

I’m Keren Grotsky, also known as KG Design.
My design journey began in 2006 when I started studying industrial design
at HIT (Holon Institute of Technology).
I dedicated a decade of my life to the field of industrial design, specializing in urban furniture, where I created designs for bus stops, benches, street lamps, pergolas, and more. In subsequent years, my design expertise expanded to include display facilities, product platforms, department layouts, and retail counters.
During this time, I took on a pivotal role by establishing an in-house studio within a factory, overseeing the design of all factory-produced products.
This rich experience has shaped my approach to design, emphasizing both creativity and functionality.
About a year ago, I decided to dive into the exciting world of UX/UI design.
It’s been an incredible journey where I’ve honed my skills and taken on various freelance projects, both as a graphic designer and a UX/UI designer.
Today, I continue my design journey with a deep passion for bringing visions to life and exceeding client expectations through my unique design approach.

I’m passionate about making things look great and work even better.
What drives me is turning ideas into reality and leaving clients thrilled with the results. 

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